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Chris Harris

Originally Posted by Beantown Bronco View Post
Is that your expert, medical opinion?

Maybe we should hold him out another week. Maybe two. Or three. Maybe the SB. He'll HAVE to be 100% by then. Or not.

He could be as close to 100% today as he's going to be the rest of the season. We don't know. Maybe it's healed as much as it's going to until he completely shuts it down for the year and it won't matter how much longer he sits.

Trust in the coaches and medical staff. They know that a 80% Kuper is better than a 100% Manny and they'll know when he's at that point.
No expert medical opinion, but let's not be naive here, another week would most likely benefit him. I highly doubt he's all the way back to 100%, HIGHLY DOUBT THAT. I know the coaches and medical staff will do what's right, that's their job. This is a forum, where we discuss OUR opinion. But will an 80% Kuper has a better chance at aggrivating the same injury then would a 95% Kuper.

Honestly, I would suit him up but wouldn't start him. See how the game unfolds, if it's tight and we need him, march him out there. If it's going well for us on offense, sit him out, it can only help him.
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