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Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
That doesn't make any sense. By that logic Manny and the line should be doing better than when Kupe is in because he spent all of preseason and most of the season as the RG. In fact he hasn't, and the line has played worse when he's in.
Not sure you read it correctly. I think JJ Watt manhandles either Kuper or ManRam at this point because I don't think Kuper is right. Correct me if you think differently

Man Ram at 100% is probably just as good physically as Kupe at 80% but Kuper knows the line calls. It was ManRam who basically let Houston come untouched and sack Manning.

We'll see but I think Kuper spot will be an issue from here on out no matter who's in there.

Hope I'm wrong and Kuper comes back strong. Ngata will provide a fine litmus test for ole Kupe

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