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How about this? Give the 1 seed from each conference their choice of time slot. They can choose any of the time slots on any day from Saturday to Monday they want, assuming no conflicts with other events in their stadium. Then let the 2s choose from what's left and keep going on down until the worst seeded team is left with the last slot.

I think this could be very interesting and it would add yet another element of strategy for the coaches to consider.
Except by the nature of that decision, you're giving the 'best' time slot to not only the #1 seed, but to the #8 seed as well. Which could complicate matters for the week after. Plus I'm not sure the NFL would want to give up all that scheduling flexibility. Imagine an east coast team being forced into a west coast late Monday Night playoff game. They'd be up all night and into Tuesday before they got home.

I think part of it for me is that NFL is the only major pro sport I can think of (ok maybe that other "football" ) where one bad day at the office can cost you an entire season. I think respecting seeding advantage is maybe the only way the NFL really balances that in any fashion by respecting the whole season's body of work. I hate to see that diminished any further.

Putting together a 13-3 season only to guarantee you a game against some scrub 7-9 team who could shock or injure you out of title contention seems like it's just going too far.
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