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Why not? One Monday night game per conference. The winner goes on to face their next opponent on Sunday, period. They lose a whole ONE day. The Sat and Sun winners from the first weekend go on to play again the following Sat or Sun just as they do now. There's really no difference. It's just like the current system where Sunday winners sometimes play the following Saturday.
That's a good way to put it, I hadn't thought of it in those terms.

But it doesn't resolve the seeding problem though. Depending on winners and losers, it could potentially give a rest advantage in week two to lower (worse) seeds vs higher surviving seeds.

So it seems like you'd be diminishing the importance of seeding even further. As Kaylore just said, the big focus would become winning your division. Which does nothing for the current 'cruise control' problem the NFL has over the last few weeks of the season (other than maybe make it worse.)

And I'd rather have two or three more weeks of a competitive regular season vs a few extra games for +- .500 teams one weekend.

It currently is how it should be.
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