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Originally Posted by BroncoFox View Post
If the Broncos win out, I'd be very surprised if we were the 4th seed. 3rd maybe.. but 13-3 teams don't end up as the 4th seed very often. We just need to concentrate on winning the last 3 games, and everything else will take care of itself. Someone will stumble in the last 3 games. We just don't want it to be us.
Thats not the argument. If we win out, we are guaranteed the third seed or better. People are just saying that losing might be a hidden blessing in that we won't have to play NE until the 3rd round.

There are too many variables. If we are the 4 seed and NE is the 2, if the 3 seed loses to the 6 seed we play NE any way. NE might end up passing Houston and getting the 1 seed, in which case being the 4 seed we would likely play NE in round 2 anyway (unless the 3 seed got upset).

There is also the assumption that Pitt ends up as the 6 seed as that is where they are right now. Indy has 2 games against Houston. Also, Cinci plays Pitt next week which the winner will likely get the last seed (whether 5 or 6 depends on what Indy does). Jets have an outside shot of getting in if they win out, but it would likely be a tie breaker. They would win the tiebreaker if against Indy, but not against Pitt based on head to head. They also would not win against Cinci based on conference record.

I hope they win out. At worst that is the 3 seed. They might have to play Pitt in the first round and NE in the second, but that is not given. There is also a good chance that get the 1 or 2 seed, NE gets the 1 seed, or they play Cinci/Indy/NY in round 1.
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