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Originally Posted by Mile High Salute View Post
Wow, 36 is a big number, ...
yeah, I'm not convinced this wasn't a "busy work" type of project. not sure what my wife is up to here.
Originally Posted by Mile High Salute View Post
Darrent Williams (RIP)
Mark Schlereth
Brandon Marshall
Mike Shanahan
John Fox
Barrell Man
Ryan Clady
Brandon Stokley

Ok, so I expanded the list beyond players. But think a couple of coaches and a superfan should be in there too.
good call on these guys. Can't believe I forgot DW. Stink is great too, in part for what he's done in the media, I suppose that's good justification for Tom Jackson as well.

Marshall was a beast but we've got to remember him acting like a petulant child at times and he forced his way out of town. still, he won us some games and was fun to watch.

Shanahan and Fox - definately. Shanahan is still my favorite choach in the league, but I'm leery of the nepotism. Fox - may not be the most innovative coach in the world, but I think it's great how he acts as the steady hand on the rudder. His maturity is exactly what this franchise needed after McD.

Stokley probably should be on the list too, but he's more of a rental in my mind. dude has been in the league 14 years, but only 4 as a Bronco. Still, will never forget the miracle catch in Cincy a couple of years ago.

Barrell man - I have a picture of myself with him floating around somewhere...
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