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What Parker is stating is the strongly held notion by many black urban poor in the mid Atlantic and northeastern USA: Speaking proper English, growing up in a 2 parent household, valuing education and carrying yourself in a form that is respectful of others is deemed being an uncle tom, an OREO or as Mr Parker put it "a cornball brother" IE TOO WHITE.----the social pressures in the black community(children out of wedlock, misbehaving in school to the point where education is secondary to safety etc) are the primary reason that the cycle of poverty continues...Mr Parker's opinion on ESPN gives a national audience a peak behind the curtain that those of us who grew up among poor blacks already know from personal ain't the white power structure leading to poverty; it's the diminishment of anything associated as being too white (like education, 2 parent families, taking care of your kids) that produces anti social and unsuccessful personal outcomes...
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