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Malik jackson doesnt look very good so far. Hunter seems like an ayers clone - mild pass rush ability. I realise sde sets the edge and plays the run but on 3rd and long bring in the pass rush specialist
Well that's typically when Von will play at DE...
I'm all for having more pass rushers you can't have enough, but I would think a mid round prospect, who can be groomed.

If Doom went down, Miller would blitz way more, but if Miller goes down.. The scheme would crumble. So having a plathora of pass rushers is ideal.

Hunter was causing quiet the stir this summer, Del Rio intended to start him, and that would most likely be the plan for next season. Jackson is ALWAYS around the football and making plays, I like what I have seen from him and would like to see him play more at SDE and Wolfe at DT.
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