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Matt Prater

Originally Posted by ZONA View Post
First off, the odds of #5 and #6 both winning round 1 are not likely.
Read my post again. I clearly said 5 OR 6.

Originally Posted by ZONA View Post
Secondly, the #6 seed could never host a playoff game, they would always be on the road. Same with #5 seed unless they were playing #6 seed but as stated already, that's highly unlikely.
Where did I say otherwise?

I'm talking about the odds of the 3 or 4 seed getting homefield in the AFC Championship Game. An extra win by the 5 OR 6 team (whichever Denver doesn't face in the first round, obviously) would mean that it doesn't matter if we're the 3 or 4. We'd get the homefield game against them. I'm saying that there really is no difference in odds between a 3 vs a 5 in the Championship game than a 3 vs 4 in the Championship game. Get it?
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