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Chris Harris

Well I'm still not giving up for for the #2 seed. NE can still lose to the 49'ers and it's possible that Houston does lose 2 more. I would not have thought so a week ago but they were barely scraping by some teams these past few weeks and then that knock out blow in NE, and those Colts are playing good ball. I think they can take both games. Not super confident they will but I think they can play with them and we'll see what happens. Would that be too friggin cool, to have things go our way and we lock up the #1 seed in the final week, when the Colts beat the Texans for the 2nd time and this week when the 49'ers beat the Patsies. Oh man that would be too cool. Broncos #1 seed. I might have to get HAT a christmas gift if that happens.

3 things we all want this week - Broncos win, Colts win, 49'ers win.

So let it be written, so let it be done.

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