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Originally Posted by mwill07 View Post
my wife has some sort of project for my office, not sure what is going on here. She asked me to send her a list of my top 36 or so favorite Broncos. I've been a fan since 1986, so no sense going back further than that - I have no meaningful recollection of Tom Jackson or Randy Gradishar, for example. This is to be a list of my favorite Broncos over the course of my fandom.

Here is my list, but I'm open to hear arguments - who is too high/too low. This is after a couple of scotches, so my rankings may change tomorrow.
  1. John Elway: no comment needed.
  2. Steve Atwater: got his autograph his rookie year, have always been a big fan. Should have been SBXXXII MVP.
  3. Terrell Davis: 2k yards, SB MVP.
  4. Rod Smith: multi-era great. SB hero, and a stud from the post-sb teams.
  5. Shannon Sharpe: HoFer. Would have been higer had he not gone to Baltimore.
  6. Ed McCaffrey: loved watching Eddie. He always took the big hits and held onto the ball.
  7. Von Miller: curent favorite Bronco.
  8. Tom Nalen: will be a HoFer soon. Loved the Kangaroo court bit.
  9. Champ Bailey: DO. NOT. THROW. AT. CHAMP.
  10. Al Wilson: Al was a monster in the middle for a long time. Dude made plays.
  11. Karl Mecklenburg: Big Meck Attack!
  12. Tim Tebow: I will never forget the magic of 2011.
  13. Dennis Smith: Hard hitting safety.
  14. Jake Plummer: naked bootleg is my favorite play in football.
  15. Elvis Dumervil: DOOM!!!
  16. John Mobley: his deflection win XXXII.
  17. Demaryius Thomas: Hail Demaryius!
  18. Gary Zimmerman: HoFer, but was a rental. Zimm was only a Bronco for a few years.
  19. Mark Jackson: TD in 1987 AFCCG to cap the Drive
  20. Mike Anderson: The man was a effin soldier.
  21. Bill Romanowski: loved his intensity, hated he was a raider.
  22. Vance Johnson: cornerstone of the !Three Amigos!
  23. Alfred Williams: loved what he brought to the DL for the SB runs, I'm also a fan of 104.3.
  24. Peyton Manning: He probably will be higher when it's all said and done, but right now he is a rental. In my mind, Manning is a Colt first and probably always will be.
  25. DJ Williams: He's gotta go somewhere.
  26. Keith Bishop: I remember getting his autograph as a kid.
  27. Jason Elam: NFL record for FG length.
  28. Howard Griffith: key blocker for TD, scored a TD in XXXII
  29. Clinton Portis: man, he was awesome when he was in Denver. Shame that he left, but in hindsight, I'm happy with the trade.
  30. Tyrone Braxton: Chicken Man!
  31. Steve Watson: I remember getting his football card in the first pack of cards I ever bought. I was stoked to get a Bronco.
  32. Wesley Woodyard: playing well this year - very impressed.
  33. Gary Kubiak: they say the back-up QB is always the most popular player on the team. I don't disagree.
  34. John Lynch: he was a rental, but I love me some hard-hitting safeties.
  35. Sammy Winder: Mississippi Mud!
  36. Eric Decker: He's what's happening right now…needs to improve or he will get passed by Dawkins or someone like that.
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