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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
Cmon Fed most scientists in that field say it will eventually work. They usually aren't wrong but i fully admit that sort of stuff way over my head.
Maybe it will work, maybe it won't. Beyond just the problem of initiating the reaction, there are multitudes of other problems. For example, how do we harness the energy that is produced? Last I read we don't have the exotic materials necessary to survive the neutron bombardment byproduct of the fusion reaction that will turn the internal parts of the reactor radioactive and make every feasible alloy we know of become brittle.

I'm not saying Obama should not invest, i am saying the stimulus was a giveaway, done so fast no govt could distribute the money to winners. They just flung it all over the place to see what would stick. I fully agree though the govt needed for major change in science. I am 100% behind the space program, doing major things like try to develop fusion, go to mars, cure diseases and yes even battery storage. Its just Obama didn't do it right, he wasted a large portion of billions on crap.
I know of two examples totaling < 1% of the stimulus. There's no such thing as a sure bet when you're talking about tackling difficult problems.

You know how many space program projects failed? How much disease research fails? How many boondoggles there have been in defense research?

You just want a want to attack the guy with a (D) behind his name.

I wonder how much Obama even giving to fusion, i bet they would have loved 130 million here, 80 million here, you know the big chunks on companies bankrupt.
Fusion research gets more money than all other energy research (production and storage) combined. It's doing fine.
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