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Originally Posted by Bmore Manning View Post
Johns attempting to rebuild for the short and long term through the draft, and he has done a good job. Win now doesn't mean sell out to him, nor is that the meaning to me, but it does require FAs to fulfill needs and to help increase talent base.

I see more smart moves this offseason, I have suggested Collie, Larry Grant, and Knighton/Branch/Dorsey. Aside from Knighton, all those players are just good quality affordable moves. They increase the talent on the roster, and allow a flexible draft. It's not like I said Wallace, Melton, and Urlacher. But I expect a few FA signings in the offseason. Those moves are championship type moves. To increase depth and talent and not break the bank.

Collie cheap price range, played with Manning.

Knighton played under Del Rio, missed some time this season could lower the price tag.

Grant is a stud MLB behind two of the best in the game, that's a bargain FA signing.
I still think you are wrong.

Put your money where your mind/mouth is. What is each of those players gonna cost.
Let's see if they fit into the budget.

This is the same question I always posed when someone came to me with an idea.
Show me the money..
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