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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
Battery technology will improve on a curve without much govt funding. Already some of the battery technology is growing. IMO it won't need much govt prodding. Let the private sector do it naturally fed.
Energy storage tech is far, far behind. There's a reason your fancy smartphone needs to be charged twice a day. And of course we've only gotten to where were at with large amounts of government funding (see: universities).

Well France has the most advanced one yet being built. I think 2020 it comes online. It will be used to try and figure out how to make them work as a powerplant. I;d rather invest money over the next 50 yrs going for fusion, then wasting it like Obama does. You know spending money on things the private sector will do if they made sense economically. No private companies can work on fusion without govt help. Its way too big and scientifically challenging.
Put all our eggs in one basket, eh? A highly theoretical basket at that. Fusion may never be viable.

You seem to think all worthwhile advancement happens at a pace that is commercially viable. That's just amazing naive. Fundamental R&D is not something that is profitable in the short term, and don't kid yourself, energy production and storage tech all still requires fundamental R&D.

So we get some electric cars. Do you really think that is going to cool the earth? If it does then I was wrong but I think we could all drive them and co2 would still go up.
You have a single track mind. GCC is a concern, but so is the finite availability of Dino energy resources as well as the ecological consequences (beyond GCC) of gathering those resources. Ever seen a strip mining operation?
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