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Originally Posted by Bmore Manning View Post
Stupid..? So you cry about people taking shots at you, now your gonna trash my thread and take a shot at me? Yeah I see what your saying, but I don't agree with it. They will spend most of their cap money, they are in win now. And don't rebuttle me about how PB won't spend money. That money isn't **** to him. You must not comprehend how wealthy one must be to own a football team. They leave cap room, so they can sign/resign players before the following league year and in case of emergency.

I will not respond to anything you type. You are a Hypocrit! You cry that Req and Rev and others bust your balls and take personnel shots, yet you felt compelled to do that to me, and I have not insulted you.
The comment was not necessarily a shot at YOU sorry you took it that way.. it was generic comment kind of a comedy wise crack..

As far as dream busting my ball i have the moron on iggy but know he is taking shots at me because i banned him a bunch of times on another forum.. he was a punk then and still is..

I do not share your thought on the win now mentality they had the opportunity to sign a bunch more guys last year, but was not willing to shell out the money.. I do not see the urgency that everyone else does..

I know rich not hat I am, but I know folks like that and yes money does count for them.. they got rich for the most part by being good if not great businessmen so watching how you spend it is important to them..

one of the reasons mikey was fired was because of all his bad personnel decisions so Pat said in an interview at one time he was going to reign in the free spending..

therefore I believe we will not get to the salary cap anytime soon.. Even John at one time made comment about Pat giving him a budget to stay within. now has that changed in the past two years?

I guess we will see..

Respond or not I'm sorry if you took it personally.. Overall your posts are pretty good .. I do not agree with all of them but you would not be the first nor the last in that area..
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