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let me try this again I have said it in many threads, it is not the cap stupid it is the budget that PAT gives John to spend..

why do you think we have 10mil left this year.. it was Pats decision on how much they could spend..

as for creative contract writing the league approves each of them and if your playing games you lose draft picks and get fined..

yes you can create more room this year be deferring money till 3 years from now..

John saw this happening under mikey who never saw a cap that he could not squeeze under.. but Pat put a stop to that crap rewriting contracts giving up front money to the player for incentive to do so..

that is why we always had 5-20 million in dead cap space each year..

the player signed and then got cut or wound up on IR and then a settlement and yet that prorated money came due in the cap each year..

I suspect that Pat gave John the word htat he would not spend more than X make everything fit under that number and not to get creative with contracts..

Did you ever wonder why so many players (UFA) came on board with one year contracts?

two reasons it gave them a chance to play with Manning, all the while auditioning for next year.. the other reason was we were at or very near our internal cap number, after giving Manning a whooper..

if Manning was a flop then they moved on to another team if he was like he is their contract demands of next year would be better..
Stupid..? So you cry about people taking shots at you, now your gonna trash my thread and take a shot at me? Yeah I see what your saying, but I don't agree with it. They will spend most of their cap money, they are in win now. And don't rebuttle me about how PB won't spend money. That money isn't **** to him. You must not comprehend how wealthy one must be to own a football team. They leave cap room, so they can sign/resign players before the following league year and in case of emergency.

I will not respond to anything you type. You are a Hypocrit! You cry that Req and Rev and others bust your balls and take personnel shots, yet you felt compelled to do that to me, and I have not insulted you.
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