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I think Bannan has been better then you claimed he would be for us and I wouldn't mind him coming back as long as we bring in other guys too. I've been a huge Hunter fan since he got to Denver but, who knows how well he will be with JDR. I think Ayers is gone after this year. I would like him to comeback but, I think someone will offer him starter money and he goes. Jury is still out on Jackson. I know he is playing more as the season goes along so that is a plus. I want another PASS rusher on the other side. Complete players are nice but, if we can get a pass rushing specialist to play some then I'm all for it.

I talked about Eric Martin from the Huskers, I'm a homer so I watch them. Undersized 6'2 250 DE. He reminds me of Robert Mathis in ways. Hard worker and I doubt he is drafted high if at all.
Yeah Bannan has been better than I gave credit for, I want to upgrade he and Unrein though.

I don't see a small SDE with our scheme.. I have liked what I have seen from your boy Hunt.
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