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Originally Posted by 2KBack View Post
Were you here when he was traded? He was not that highly praised, he was similarly as polarizing as many of the high profile players that rolled through Denver post Superbowls.

I know I personally didn't love him and thought he was an unnecessary draft pick with Gary and MA on the team.
As in OM? I came 2005, but I remember reading all the arguments.

I know not everyone likes Clinton, but from what I know is he was very well liked and everyone loved his WWE celebration after absolutely running all over KC.

Of course, human nature was to trash him after he became disgruntled and labeled Denver as boring or white, I forget the exact words but it was along those lines.

Bottom line is I really don't have a dog in this fight. I love both players. Ironically, I have a Champ skins jersey and I have a Portis Denver jersey. I was merely stating my own personal opinion on the trade. I wasn't trying to convince anyone of anything but evidently some people got their panties in a bunch because they were butthurt over the whole separation with clinton. I imagine it's the same as it is with skins fans here who can't stand Champ because he wanted out.

Just my 2 cents. Yet, it seems people want to fight about it and start the name calling.

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