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Originally Posted by DBroncos4life View Post
The "cap" is the easiest thing to get around anyways. Any good FO can write a contracts to pay players and keep teams under the "cap".

As for the run stuffing pass rushing DT you are looking for, that is like a unicorn man. Not going to be cheap or easy to find. I'm a huge fan of Terrance Knighton being signed. He does have limited pass rushing skills but, he did have 4 sacks in 10. Wolfe will go back inside and play DT moving forward. You might not like what he has done this year but, he is doing quite well playing as many snaps as he has played his rookie year. Moving around like he has will only make him better going forward. That is why I want a guy like Hunt in the draft. Beast to play on the other side of Doom.
Yeah I suggested Knightons name on here a few weeks ago, so we are on the same page. But your right they are few and far between, I was telling him that we can easily upgrade run stuffers in Bannan and Unrein. I just like Wolfe inside next season with either Hunter, Ayers, Jackson or a draftee at DE. Do you think with all those options we still pursue a DE in the draft?

He doesn't realize the cap isn't going to be a daunting problem.
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