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Sometimes getting someone a service is nice, rather than a gift. My siblings and I are splitting out getting housekeepers to help our parents out around the house. It's not cheap by any means, but its something they need since my mother has to take care of dad with little time to do housekeeping and things.

Smaller services I've paid for friend and family:
Salon services for sister (hair or nails or some other spa thing).
Give a date night to friends: basically volunteer a night of their choosing to babysitting so they can go out with their spouse sans kids and usually kick in for drinks or some part of the date (movie, etc).

the rest of my gifts are less exciting. I got my nephew a video game. I got my sister a themed gift basket with alcohol and a nice glass set and got her husband an amazon gift card. My brother and his boys (who are varied ages, but under 6 mostly) I got a hand carved wooden airport set with a few planes and such. My brother is an aerospace engineer so I thought he'd enjoy playing with it with his boys.

As for me, I am hoping Santa brings me a K-cup machine now that my coffee pot has died.

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