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Originally Posted by 24champ View Post
Doesn't matter how much the Dodgers paid for him, the way the deal is structured is better for the Dodgers. There's not a NTC but Greinke can opt out in 3 years. Essentially it is a 3 year 76 million dollar contract and if Greinke doesn't perform (unlikely) then the Dodgers can trade him to whomever.

There's more moves to be made from the Dodgers, we're really deep starting pitching, 8-9 starters on the roster. So a trade is going happen in the near future.
There is a strong chance Cap is going to the Pirates for Joel Hanrahan. The pen would be pretty damn stacked IMO. I think they would keep Harang around till they know how well Lilly is doing and Ryu is still a unknown going forward. All reports say Bills is ready to go and Donny said they dodged a bullet with him not needing Tommy John surgery.
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