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Chris Harris

Originally Posted by Beantown Bronco View Post
If you're sole argument is odds of getting a 2nd home playoff game increase with the #3 over the #4, I'd say that's pretty minimal. It's just as likely that a #5 or #6 seed could win two games as opposed to the scenario you present above.
First off, the odds of #5 and #6 both winning round 1 are not likely. Secondly, the #6 seed could never host a playoff game, they would always be on the road. Same with #5 seed unless they were playing #6 seed but as stated already, that's highly unlikely. So it's not minimal as you suggest. Getting #3 seed is still the goal. I think Denver is the only team that can beat NE in the AFC. I'd rather go there 2nd round (since we will be going there anyway, either round 2 or 3) and get that 2nd home game against the Ravens. The Ravens can beat Houston. I don't say that just because NE blew out the Texans, but they've struggled the last 4 weeks and probably should have lost at least 2 games but probably 3.
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