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In a semi related comment. I was driving down on I10 highway a few months ago saw those big wind mills coming at me in a series of six trucks.

One truck each with one vane on it, an extended flat bed with about 50 feet added to the middle of it. tow trucks hauling the base and towers same size truck and one hauling the generator actually the smallest part on a normal flat bed.

Thought great another wind mill going up nearby.

Got off I10 and went south a few miles and saw yet another convoy coming out of MEXICO with all the same units. Involved.

About an hour later was retracing my steps following them this time and saw yet another one this time the support blocks all of the stuff was lashed down to had hecho in Mexico on them.

And the truck had Mexican plates on them.

So even these Green units are not made in the USA and they still are not profitable.
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