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Originally Posted by Fedaykin View Post
Why are you so fixated on Solar? Where have I said solar is definitely the answer? It's one idea that has *huge* potential if we can overcome the efficiency and cost problems (which we have been making steady progress on) and solve the storage problem.

Guess what you'll need if you want to use centralized fusion (something I also think is the most likely next step for large scale industrial power generation) when the oil runs out. You'll still need energy storage -- aka batteries. Energy storage is a major problem in the future -- one we don't face today because we use energy (ironically, solar energy) in a previously stored form (chemical).

Most likely the "battery" that we will use in the future will be hydrogen produced with nuclear power. Of course, hydrogen has its own huge set of logistical problems that will be a challenge.

Of course, all the tech necessary for these and all the other options are still in their infancy, and we don't know yet which one (or which combination) will work the best, which is why we need to continue doing research and development!

Funny you asking why we are fixated on solar in this thread, or why I am whatever! Hey dumb**** look at the thread title, it's about wasting money on solar.
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