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Chris Harris

Well Morgan Freeman wasn't that far off. I don't think you can avoid talking about race 100% of the time and nor should we. Some people are proud of their race and feel a belonging to something bigger then themselves. In no way does that mean you should be "tied" to a race, because "self" is always the most important aspect in how you should view yourself. I think what Morgan Freeman is talking about is when morons like this reporter make statement like he did, is RGIII black enough. This kind of talk only divides people. I mean, is he a brotha? What kind of question is that. And you don't have to vote Democrat just because you are African American. That's completely stupid to think that. So far from what I've seen of RGIII he is a very stand up kind of guy, has his head on right and the last thing he's worried about I'm sure is whether or not this clown thinks he's "black" enough.

Has there ever been a white reporter asking a white player who wears a big diamond emblem on his necklace, has a black fiance and listens to rap music and votes Democrat if he's "white" enough?

This guy should be canned - what a stupid question and statement to make.
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