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Originally Posted by RedskinBronco View Post
Von miller is more important than PP.

A dominating pass rusher is the single biggest key on a defense. Look at the giants; secondary is suspect but that pass rush is elite
San Diego was keeping 3 blockers in at times to deal with Von Miller.
He forces an offense to change what they do on almost every down. He has to be accounted for on every play.

All Peterson's opposing QBs have to do is throw away from him. Can he shut down their best WR? Certainly. That's a nice luxury and we've had that with Champ for years. But, we also saw how useless Champ was without real pressure up front.

Most teams have 2-3 viable weapons in the passing game now, if not more.
A franchise cornerback can only deal with one of them.

We picked the right guy. I can't imagine any Broncos fans would argue that at this point. It's not even close.
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