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Mike Shanahan

Originally Posted by gyldenlove View Post
I wouldn't start Aldon Smith in a 4-3 in a million years, he defends the run less well than Elvis Dumervil does. Watt is better at base end than at 3-tech, he makes most of his plays in the 5-tech against the RT and in a 4-3 I would have him play LDE and kick him inside on passing downs. Fairley is the 2nd best 3-tech in the league right now behind Geno Atkins. Wilkerson is a good alternative to Liuget, I went with Liuget because I have seen more of his games and know his game better. I will give you Aldon Smith, Fairley, Wilkerson and Watt - but no way in hell I am putting Houston and Aldon Smith in there.

I tried to stay away from people who are injured, using PEDs or otherwise suspended, that is why I don't have Sherman.
This is exactly why discussing non Bronco players on the OM is ****ing retarded.
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