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Originally Posted by Bmore Manning View Post
Your how knowledge base is way off. 10 million is the current cap figure with what's available, then there are realeses, contract who's cap figure goes down (Doom), and cuts/ with players who walk. Following my plan would free up some 20 million in cap room.

Clady will be resigned, you have been beaten up over this I will take the high road.

Run stuffers WHO PUSH the pocked and generate a PASS RUSH are what this team lacks, not having a true MLB doesn't help matters either, watch your games over.
Yet you do not get that yoi are flawed most of those you want to cut are on me year contracts or are making hpunder a mil a year. .

As for your comment about Clady who has beaten me up? John Elway? Until he proves me wrong I stand by my thoughts. Anyone else that thinks they are beating me up well it is only what they think. Since John make that decision if he decides he is worth almost ten % of the budget well I'm ok with that. Frankly I think he has other plans.

Even if yoi are correct with your Calculations and gyrations Clady still takes 10 mil plus of your budget. So your going to have to cut more existing guys or UFA. Because we all know that the draft is the future short and LONG term.

Forgot yes you are correct we lack a legit DT/NT have for over a decade. But your comment was about run stuffers being a dime a dozen. That is not factual.

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