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Originally Posted by SoonerBronco View Post
Lets see, they scored a TD on one of those TOs...Thats 7 points.

DT fumbles at the 10 yard line...3 minimum

Magahee fumbles at the 10 yard linke with about 3:30 to go. Arguably thats at least 3 if not 7...

I watch every game. And I was equally frustrated with the defense, but you are straight crazy to discount these TOs. If we dont put the ball on the turf, we win the game, period.

Despite there 3rd down conversions, those 2 turnovers are a minimum 13 point swing. Do the math.
Just because the score was close at the end does not mean we were ever in that game. I'm pretty sure if Brady and co. would have been full gas the whole game we would have lost by 4 + tds.

I feel like we are quite a bit better now though, Houston didn't show up so that's not really a good measure either. Either way, we will have to beat them to make to the SB.
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