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Semi-Finals Game. Playing a guy I have decimated twice. He is riding Adrian Peterson hard. Other than that he doesn't really have much.

QB: Newton, Dalton
RB: Forte, S. Jackson, Moreno, M. Bush (Cut DeAngelo Williams, Andre Brown went on IR)
WR: Marshall, Garcon, M. Wallace, M. Williams
TE: V. Davis
K: Jason Hanson, Blair Walsh
ST/D: Bears
Head Coach: John Fox, Denver Broncos (5 points for a win)

I need advice on my two RB (not even considering Bush) and my two WR/Flex option. Bold is who I am going with, but I am not sure on Jackson. Any advice would be appreciated. Winner of this game is guaranteed at least $200.

You also get additional $ if you win Total Points and if you have the most points scored per category thru the whole season. I'm tops in Defense, second for kicker (behind the guy who has New England), Top 2 for WR and Flex.

Any help would be appreciated.
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