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Originally Posted by g6matty View Post
Clady deserves top 5 money he gave up one sack all year when manning held on the ball too long. You really have a thing for pushing our best players out of town and hoping the under dog succeeds. You once said youre happy with never drafting a WR again and think its best to sign guys off practice squads and UFA . what kind of **** is that
Yes he probably does deserve big money for a team that needs a top five OLT. With our offense we really do not.

The OLT used to be a premium spot on the team.

But with the advent of quick passing game almost no need for him. The DEs have almost zero time to get after the QB. as younsaidmeven the great clady gave up a coverage sack.

As for WR I never said or implied getting me from a PS, I have always said pay for one that has proven they are not a head case, can help move the chains, and doe not fumble or drop passes. Most WRs take 3-4 years to get up to speed in the NFL why pay them to learn. Pay them to produce after they are proven.
Save that rookie learning curve money and get a real one.

Unless you can find a fitzgerald or megatron In the third whcpich we all know those go top ten. Do not waste your time or money.
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