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Originally Posted by CEH View Post
Harrison 4 catches 51 yards. Previous year sans Bailey with Portis Harrison 7 catches 133 yards

Why do I see quotes all the time from GMs past and present that when building a foundation you want these cornerstone players: QB, LT, DE and CB

Not sure where I see the RB come into the equation. They are a specialty player who you want to add to put your team over the top. Portis had 4 very good years in Washinton but was ran into the ground and is out of the league

Bailiey has made more big plays in the playoffs than Portis in his , is still playing at a Pro Bowl level and will enter the HOF.

Not sure how you can debate a cornerstone HOF player vs a speciality very good football player
Because I have seen what each guy has done for his respective franchise. JMO; I go by the eye test and impact from what I see

I'm not saying anyone has to agree or anything
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