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Originally Posted by enjolras View Post
The 2010 Packers and the 2005 Steelers both were 6th seeds I believe.
Okay thanks for that, the numbers actually make sense now: With those two teams accounting for 6 of the 12 road wins, there's just 6 roadies left to split between the other 5 champs (6 champs if he's including the 2012 winner already).

That means these other 5 (or 6) eventual champs were seeded #2 on average, right where I'd expect SB winners to have been seeded on average. So King's story is NOT about a "lengthy pattern of low seed success," it's just the story of two SB winners that road-warriored thru 3 away games to get there. IT'S NOT EVEN THAT, the Steelers 3 wins and SB win should not factor into this because of the officiating mess.

So finally we're through the whole thing ... and come out on the other end only to conclude the thread title was right all along

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