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I agree there is paranoia, but not about what China is doing economically. They don't have an interest in physical conflict with us. When I say they are trying to turn the tables on us, I mean they are trying to beat us not with force but with economic warfare.

They are currently "winning" because not because they are ahead of us, but because they have their eyes on the long game and we're stuck in the past. They're investing in themselves and their future whereas we are sending money to them for cheap trinkets (to the tune of $300bn a year in trade deficit) and throwing money away on weapons that will most likely never see the battlefield they are intended for, because that battlefield no longer exists (not just my opinion, see the comments from Powell et al earlier in the thread).

Without serious reforms, they will eventually tumble due to the communistic core of their economy, but that doesn't mean they won't take us down with them.
They're industrializing. That's pretty much the long and short of it. It looks impressive when it's a nation of a billion people. and they're going to be an economic superpower, cumulatively, for sure. But until they see the light and grant their people greater freedom and let markets dictate economic decisions, they're no real threat in any sense, other than militarily.

Yes, their production capacity is impressive. But when American retailers are making more money off of Chinese production than the Chinese producers are, what you really have is almost a form of economic imperialism.

I will agree though that free trade with China is probably a bad deal. We should offer free trade agreements to every free and democratic nation without condition. Then put up trade tariffs on everyone else. We should force ourselves to be competitive with those who play by the same rules. But with nations that maintain essentially forced labor, we should do what we can to even the playing field. Unfortunately it might be too little too late on that front.
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