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Originally Posted by Bmore Manning View Post
Well cutting DJ, Moreno, and others will open up cap room, so will not resigning others. I know Clady will be a large cap hit, sometimes you have to spend money to improve especially in win now mode.

Wolfe will play inside with big Vick, we probably resign Silga who will be cheap, I have them drafting a stud DT, Malik Jackson is still on the roster, Garland on PS, and a veteran could be signed. Run stuffers are a dime a dozen, Bannan is playing solid, but he can be upgraded, and people just really like Unrein.. but he's not so good.
Cutting dj saves I'm guessing 6 after his residual signing bonus is added to the mix.

Moreno will be back unless they bring in a rookie and somehow is unseated. Which is probably an even Steven money issue after KM residual signing bonus is dealt with so that outs you at about a plus 4.5.

If the resign Clady which IMO they will not. Since he is neither elite like some hope he will be nor will the money that he will want and probably get elsewhere fit into that 10 mil cap room you started with.

BTW run stuffers are not a dime a dozen, if they had been we would have been able to fix that issue we have had for over a decade. The first true one we brought in was Bunkley and did did not come cheap.

So please get over that notion.
As for the comment Bannan can be upgraded absolutely but it will cost a lot more to do so, since that's another few mil. You have run out of money without signing any other folks OR the rookies.

Oh well back to the drawing boards AGAIN.
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