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Originally Posted by BroncoBeavis View Post
"Catching up" is a little different than "kicking our asses"
Note, I said "in a lot of ways".

If any single State of These United States had a median household income around $10,000, you'd call it criminal. But in China you act like it's some sort of inspirational miracle.
Where did I say or even imply that?

I'll never understand the left's fascination with command and control economies. They don't work. China's growing, yes. But every industrializing country went through that phase. Yet I doubt you want this country to go through a second industrial revolution. The excesses of that era helped bring about the backlash in the progressive movement.

And we beat the Soviets because centrally planned economies don't work. The Soviets couldn't manage an economy on a world-class scale. And for the most part, our government won because it didn't have to.
I never said I wanted or was fascinated with a command and control economy (in fact, I was very careful to not imply any such thing). Jesus ****ing Christ you wingnuts have zero reading comprehension.
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