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You never know when you'll need to put your next CB on the field, especially today when the offenses play with so many receivers. I'd rather have Cassius Vaughn than Omar Bolden as an emergency option, by far. If Chris Gronkowski were a good FB, it would be understandable, but he can't block. He must be afraid of injuries because he is very soft at the point of attack. "Bronkowski" has already been nearly removed from the offense and the coaches put him on special teams to make him at least a bit useful.
I agree, it looks like Denver got screwed, but hell you cannot win every trade and every signing. Elway has done VERY well in what he has done the last two years so I am not worried about this at all. Congrats to Vaughn and the Colts.

Didn't Vaughn have some character issues? Anyway, I am not going to dwell on this.
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