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No, but the Chinese are currently kicking our ass in a lot of ways, aided in large part by our own short sightedness.

They are working together through force (just like the Soviets), and we have lost our ability to work together through mutual interest. The cold war was won not with bombs, but because we worked together as a nation to out compete that communist regime. We beat the Soviets economically and technologically. This time around, the communists have learned and are trying to flip the table on us, and they are winning because all we're interested in doing in building more irrelevant weapons and squabbling like schoolchildren over the letter in parentheses behind the president's name when he shows up on TV.

Paying for the R&D with tax money given to the university + making people pay for the results of the R&D = being asked to pay twice. Pretty simple.
"Catching up" is a little different than "kicking our asses"

If any single State of These United States had a median household income around $10,000, you'd call it criminal. But in China you act like it's some sort of inspirational miracle.

I'll never understand the left's fascination with command and control economies. They don't work. China's growing, yes. But every industrializing country went through that phase. Yet I doubt you want this country to go through a second industrial revolution. The excesses of that era helped bring about the backlash in the progressive movement.

And we beat the Soviets because centrally planned economies don't work. The Soviets couldn't manage an economy on a world-class scale. And for the most part, our government won because it didn't have to.
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