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Originally Posted by Bmore Manning View Post
Denver Cap Room- $10 Million

Resign- Clady, Colquitt, Vickerson, Carter, Harris, Bruton

Cut- DJ, Gronkowski, Hester, Haine, Moreno

Let Walk- Porter, Willis, Leonhard, Bannan, Unrein, Ball

Retire- Stokely, Brooking

Free Agency- Austin Collie WR

Draft 2013
1. Barrett Jones C
2. Kevin Minter MLB
3. Le'Veon Bell RB
4. Denard RobinsonWR
5. Brandon Williams DT
7. Aaron Hester CB
since most of those guys are on one year contracts where are you going to get the money to resign all those players.?

10 mil is Clady alone..

if you cut Unrein and Bannan who is going to backup the DL?

BTW just because we have cap room does not mean that Pat is going to spend it all either.. He has given John a Budget to stay in.. Pretty sure it is not teh full cap value..
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