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Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
now getting back on target of the topic..

this is the scary part..

Since 1992, Congress has handed out $20 Billion in subsidies to the wind industry via something called the Wind Production Tax Credit (PTC). Wind energy companies claim they need these subsidies to keep their inefficient businesses afloat. In recent times, wind has received 42% of all government energy subsidies but has produced less than 3 percent of the electricity generated.[/COLOR]
See: Most R&D having a negative ROI. The thing is, you don't know what will have a positive ROI unless you try. Shall we just stop trying to learn and improve because everything is not immediately (or perhaps ever) profitable?

$500m/year is peanuts compared to the black hole of R&D in the military.

P.S. You should get some reading glasses if you need huge fonts to read.
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