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Originally Posted by Fedaykin View Post
So this says they spend 50% more than they claim (which puts them spending less than 1/4 what we currently spend). A far cry from the claimed 10x. It also projects that China will be outspending us in 25 years. That's pretty meaningless as we can barely figure out whats going to happen next year let along 25 years from now.

But again, where China is beating us hands down in the investment they are making in their infrastructure and manufacturing capability. That is the true threat. We're wasting a lot of money building things that in 25 years probably won't even be relevant on the battlefield. By all means we should continue R&D (including building things) but not at the expense of our own economic and industrial strength.
How about factoring in the rate of pay for those goods. $.38 per hour vs. probably $40.+ and also they are working for non profits our guys are not. Their true cost of making an AK47 is a fraction of the cost of our AR 15.

So they spend a fraction ofthe cost yet make billions in profits for exporting their AK47 adding it into the governmental profits.

Sorry but your Thoughts comparing their reported expenditures to ours, will not withstand scrutiny.
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