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Tell me again why it takes a special mind to pre plan the first 15 or so plays.

It's not that hard
15 plays can span across 3 drives and at most 4-5.

To script 15 plays, you're taking into account 3 and out's, down and distance, turn overs...and what happens if a play doesn't work.

Imagine if you scripted the first 15 plays and the defense completely stuffs you for the 4/9 first plays... and that has caused you to punt twice. Imagine you were on a 3rd and 15 because your previous 2 plays were stuffed and your next play on the "script" was a play action that was focused on the team biting on the run (like the long Lloyd TD against Houston)...

There's just so many things to take into account... when you're scripting plays you have to be so sure these plays will work or else you just wasted a lot of practice time on scripting your plays.
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