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I have to laugh at the "genius" of a coordinator because he gets to call plays for a hall of fame QB, with all pro TEs, and two solid WRs with a great OL.

Funny how McD's genius doesn't extend to the run game, TEs, QBs, WRs when they're just average players.
I also have to laugh when people try and use this logic for their own opinion.

Have you ever tried using this logic for every single play caller in the NFL? What prolific NFL play caller do you know that doesn't have a top QB? What prolific NFL play caller made his name by calling plays for average players?

So New England's WR's outside of Welker are above average now?

Check Cassell's output with McDaniels play calling...Look at Orton's career with McDaniels then without McDaniels. Look at Orton's output right after McDaniels was fired.

Doesn't extend to the run game? You mean New England's 7th in the league in rushing run game? While being 5th in passing?

McDaniels gets to call plays for all pro TEs now? You mean the 2 TE's that haven't been on the field with each other all season? 1 that has an injury all season long and another that got injured for the season as the other one came back?

Funny how people can't respect someone when they have personal feelings against them. It's the American way!
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