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Originally Posted by IA-Broncosfan53 View Post
But you could have picked anyone to study underneath Manning

And they did just that when they selected Brock Osweiler

But it's human nature to gravitate towards and have stronger positive connections to things/people we are already familiar with. If you don't think the decision to draft Osweiler wasn't impacted by a personal familiar relationship even in Elway's most subconscious levels, you are fooling yourself. Perhaps the decision wasn't entirely predicated (I can't possibly imagine it was) on their relationship, but without question to me the thoughts of his son were somewhere in his mind when he drafted Brock.

Ok, even if the deciding factor between him and some other player was due to his son's personal relationship with Brock...big deal. I recall Tommy Lasorda drafting his Godson as a favor to his friend.....and Mike Piazza ended up hitting .308 with 427 HR's and 1337 RBI's.

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