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Originally Posted by elsid13 View Post
God I hate defending cutthemdown, but he is correct that China does spend more then what they official publish. They don't official report everything budget toward the military, plus the PLA earns its own money through the number of companies they control or have part ownership in. Those companies rack in billions of additional dollars a year that is unaccounted for.

and from Wiklesks,_2001
Thanks for the info, though I am unimpressed with what is being reported here.

So, in 1997 they had some military owned businesses that earned around $1-3bn a year. This is supposed to be of concern?

The U.S. "hides" all kinds of military spending (the ~$700bn given to the DoD is not even close to the sum of all defense spending. There's the DoE (maintains all nukes), NASA (does military R&D), The VA, Military Pensions (part of the treasure dept.), Homeland Security, NSA, CIA, etc.
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