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Originally Posted by Fusionfrontman View Post
Bring a small child. No one messes with you if you had a small child with you. Or an Appache Helicopter.

Went to Balt. two years ago to watch them beat up on the Broncos. Sat high up in the End Zone. No trouble at all though. Just don't egg people on or be obnoxious. Sounds obvious, but some people have a hard time understanding why they are getting beer dumped on them after they just insulted an entire section for 2 plus hours.
Well they should look in the mirror. Last Sunday they were as obnoxious as you can get, but then again that's typical of Baltimore fans who have this inferiority complex about their city when it comes to DC.

I'll be there rooting for Denver Destruction. I dare any of those obnoxious ****s to say a peep after last Sunday. They were dead quiet once Cousins converted the 2 points.

**** 'em. They need to look in the mirror before getting all bent out of shape about opposing teams coming into their precious purple stadium.
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