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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
Fed just throws out the number 360 billion then rags on me for making **** up?
I know you are terrible math, but I didn't realize you could even do simple arithmetic.

Every defense watchdog group claims China lies about what they spend on military.
Still not proving any actual evidence.

Things are more expensive this decade bacause we are buidling a new fighter the f-35, a new destroyer the Zumwalt, Ford class Carriers to replace ones that are retiring because they are almost 50 yrs old.
Which I've already shown doesn't account for very much of the change at all. The Zumalt has so far cost around $20bn and has been in development for over a decade, so now (including the other costs for the F-35 and the Ford I mentioned before) we're talking $21bn/year in average cost for those three programs.

So, what has the other $329bn bought us?
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