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Originally Posted by Fedaykin View Post
Love the double standard nutbag. So, you have no problem with hundreds of billions wasted on military spending, because "you have to pay the real price of having a secure homeland" but when a pittance compared to that is lost in a failed energy R&D venture it's terrible!

Doesn't matter how many big fancy super carriers and jets we have if we don't have the energy tech to run them and build more of them long term. There is only so much oil in the world.

Also, no military force will prevent flooding of coastal cities, loss of cropland and increased expenses due to more powerful weather.
here is the rub.. I've been in the military and understand what it take to have a secure country..

I live 3 miles from perhaps what is now the largest US military base in the world. I see the infrastructure that it takes to house those brave soldiers.. many who have just come home from the middle east and know they will be going back..

Was in the navy and Know what it take to keep those ships that secure the shipping lanes so you can have your cheap imports to make your life so easy..

I know what it takes because I have been there and done that..

I have earned the right to complain about wasting money on ventures that are pet projects of NOBAMA and in this case now have been sold to the Chinese at a fraction of the cost to the money that was given to them by the US taxpayers.. IIRC that particular facility never made a single ****ing battery that it was intended to make..

I have earned the right to be incensed by the assclown in the white house wasting money..

What have you done for your country?
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