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Originally Posted by lonestar View Post

so pray tell it was not wam bam thank you mam building them in 4 years they had 35+ already on the ways..

as the war went on they built or restructured quite of few existing ships by adding an upper flight deck to them, to make them into Carriers..
"Before the war" means 1941, when it was clear the U.S would not be able to stay out of the war that had started nearly a decade before.

The Essex class ship were all built between 1941 and 1950. The Essex herself was laid down on 28 April, 1941.

The Yorktown (2nd Essex class) was laid down 6 days before Pearl.

Nice try at dodging the point btw.

Rosie the Riveter kicked some ass..
That she did. Luckily she had the industrial infrastructure necessary to do that ass kicking.
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