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Originally Posted by Fedaykin View Post
We were running more carriers (which were a lot more costly per unit to run) in the 90's than we are now with hundreds of billions less expenditures.
. Take a look at the pacific. We had 3 carriers in 1941, and over 100 by 1945.
Before the war, the United States started production of 24 new large Essex carriers, 9 smaller Independence class carriers, and an even greater number of small, slow escort carriers which were used to support ground operations and provide anti-submarine escort, among other duties. (Reynolds 132) In 1943, the new American carriers began to enter service, and due to factors detailed below, none of the new Essex class carriers were sunk, even to kamikaze attacks late in the war

so pray tell it was not wam bam thank you mam building them in 4 years they had 35+ already on the ways..

as the war went on they built or restructured quite of few existing ships by adding an upper flight deck to them, to make them into Carriers..

Rosie the Riveter kicked some ass..
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